30th Annual Statewide Family Violence Conference

Learning from the Past, Forging Ahead Together
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Welcome to the 30th Annual Statewide Family Violence Conference

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Georgia Commission on Family Violence's Annual Statewide Family Violence Conference. It is an exciting moment and represents an opportunity to reflect on the last three decades of tremendous advocacy, commitment, growth, and support for survivors by Georgia's professional victim service providers. The conference's thirty-year milestone is a testament to the efforts of countless individuals and organizations dedicated to shedding light on critical issues and needs and driving the necessary change to achieve the goal of eradicating domestic and sexual violence along with their related harms. By recognizing this as a pervasive problem that impacts tens of thousands of Georgians annually, this professional community understands that addressing domestic violence is not merely a matter of seeking justice; it is an essential step toward fostering safe, healthy, and equitable thriving individuals and communities. GCFV's conference emphasizes growth through learning, collaboration, and challenging ourselves. Working together and believing in what we do inspires hope and serves as a constant call to action, reminding us that while our collective efforts have led to significant progress in Georgia, our mission is far from complete. We must continue to innovate, educate, and support, ensuring that every voice is heard and every life is valued.

This year's theme is "Learning from the Past, Forging Ahead Together," representing our collective journey and our dedication to progress. By studying the successes and challenges of the past 30 years, we gain valuable insights that will guide our future strategies and initiatives. History has demonstrated the power of unity and collaboration in driving change. As we move forward, we must continue to build strong, diverse alliances. Together, we can innovate and implement effective solutions, amplify survivor voices, and create a future where domestic violence is not tolerated. This theme emphasizes the importance of solidarity and a shared vision in our ongoing mission to ensure safety, justice, and healing for all.

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